Cloud-based Control Management Platform

  •  Can Provide More Services
  •  Provide Services Anywhere and Anytime
  •  Easy-to-use
  •  Low Cost to Own These Services

Standard & Callcenter Edition

  •  Own Stable Call Center Functions
  •  High Efficiency Operation
  •  Unified Management of Basic Functions + Unique Functions
  •  High Flexibility for System, Visual Client


  •  Replace and Upgrade the Traditional Group Telephone
  •  Deploy in Multi Branches, Unified Management, ZERO Cost for Inner Calls Between Different Cities
  •  Improve Work Efficiency
  •  Easy-to-use and Easy to Communicate


  •  Administrator can monitor agent call status clearly
  •  Mobile workers can master system occupation anywhere and anytime
  •  Beauty visual interface, easy-to-use, ZERO cost training for agents and employees

Call Master

  •  Convenient to record agent incoming calls and predict in advance
  •  Accurate positioning inbound customers
  •  Send E-mail online, real-time to share files

About IPVOX International

IPVOX International Group Limited is one of subsidiaries of Beijing MrCRM, and headquartered in Beijing, China. It is an international business platform that builds for IP communication market of MrCRM overseas market. IPVOX International is a leading of developer and marketer of cloud-based business communication in home. We provide excellent solutions for small, medium and enterprise businesses. And it is famous for the product easy-to-use, functionality and stability. more